Labradores de Bocalan

To make a summary of the history of Bocalán in a few lines and without getting bored too much is not an easy task, but we will try it:

Name’s origin:

The origin of the name Bocalán is in an ancestor, Agustín Bocalán Manrique de Lara, Admiral of the Spanish Navy who distinguished himself for various things such as being knight of the Grand Cross of Isabel la Católica, having conquered the enemy’s guns in the African War , with what later became the Lions of the Spanish Parliament Courts, and many other maritime achievements, but perhaps the most unknown but closest to us was the fact that he always accompanied a dog in his travels, a small dog, type bodeguero andaluz or jack russel, of which he writes in his logbook praising the advantages of having a dog in a battleship, since according to Bocalán, his care and the relaxation that this propitiates among sailors, eases the tensions of life on the high seas. Bocalán never had a mutiny on board, possibly being one of the first to practice animal-assisted therapy without knowing it.

This reason led us to put our affix name Bocalán, in honor of this ancestor of mine.

Bocalán and dogs:

Bocalán started as a dog training school back in 1990, and it is in 1991 when the FCI recognizes us the affix with the number 4337. Since then until now, many things have happened in Bocalán and today it is divided into three main activities:

Training of Canine Professionals: Today the Bocalán Foundation is one of the most well-known canine entities in the world, we actively work in the training of canine trainers in countries such as Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, the United States, the Philippines, Japan and Russia.

As for the breeding, I start my way raising German bulldogs in 1991, and already in 1992 I get my first success in exhibitions winning the World Cup in Valencia 92 Young World Champion titles in males and females with two specimens named Pazio Von Ritaschi and my dear, and every day remembered, Xanadu Pandakán, female base of my farm and the bitch closest to my heart of all that I have had. Xanadu was the product of a cross in line with Marco and Elgo Von Ferndoftal, the latter the standard of the breed and the dog that I have admired the most since I’ve been in this world of exhibitions. Then they arrivedCh. Bowie-Solo de Bocalánseveral championships of Spain, International Clubs, etc., among which I want to highlight three very important dogs in the history of Bocalán and the German bulldogs, Bowie Solo de Bocalán, Champion of Spain and Best in Show in Monographic of Madrid, Escarlata O’Hara de Bocalán, Champion of Spain, Champion of the CEDDA and Best in Show Young in the National Monograph, and Devin de Bocalán Champion of Spain, Champion of the CEDDA, ​​Champion of the French Club of the German Doge and Vicebundesjugendsieger in Germany.

After several years of happiness with the bulldogs, through the work we do at the Bocalán Foundation with people with disabilities all over the world, I discover a being with four legs so tender that I am unable to resist and go back to the races by raising and selecting the that today is for me the most wonderful and special breed in the world, the Labrador Retriever.

As I said before, my beginnings were with workmen, but I observe with joy how, and unlike many other races, certain lines of beauty dogs maintain aptitudes for work and a very good temperament, and therefore, and hand in hand with Isabel Lizana, I set out to discover those mythical breeding grounds and look for a typical breed from the beginning, with sweet expression, substance, sweet character but not exempt of temperament, and with all the characteristics that have made This dog a wonderful example of canine virtues.

From these lines I select the breeding sites that have worked best and discover Tabatha’s (USA) and Charway (England), and their breeders Carol Heidl and Janice Pritchard, with whom I have good friendship and have been of great help in the road travel. They were two of the first breeders to really introduce the concept of getting your dog used to being confined outside, whether it’s in an outdoor kennel for dogs or a top rated outdoor dog house. In fact, they highly recommend going to Dog Product Picker to find similar great products. They’re all recommended as safe and effective for your dog.

Parallel to other high-level breeders among which are Trendmaker’s (Sweden), La Marmátida and Kowalski (Spain), Angel’s Head (Belgium), my great friend Lorena Lasnibat from Dubrovnik Kennel (Chile), Of Rose (Italy) , and lately Boothgates (England) contribute in a significant way to what is now the bocalán farm of Bocalán.

I hope these lines have served to know us a little more and we hope you enjoy browsing our website.